Best Strategies Of Backgammon

First the basics:

Backgammon is a game played by two players. They will need a board with four quadrants, the outer and the inner. Each player will have six white and black pips that are alternating. Also, each player will have 15 checkers, a pair of dice and cup shaker.

Players will be distinguished from the color of their checkers; one will have a light color or white checkers while the other one will have dark color or black checkers.

Players who have the best strategies in maneuvering their checkers will likely win the game. Backgammon has many strategies that players must use for blocking in different situations for his or her advantage.

In order to win in Backgammon, players need to have proper planning and strategy as well as a handful of luck.

Some Strategies in Backgammon:

1. Safe Play Strategy

In this strategy players are expected to concentrate on leaving very few blots as best as they can. In this strategy, players are also suggested to herd points as many as they can on the board. Also, this is to prevent their checkers from being hit by their opponent.

Nonetheless, we cannot always say that this type of strategy is advantageous at all times, because this strategy does not make other opportunities in gaining a win over a match.

When the time comes that your opponent takes over the advantage if you are too conservative and defensive you will not be able to catch up and win. Bear in mind a wearing and long game is very risky. A double may take the game into stop.

2. Back Game Strategy

This strategy is based on anchors, as many as you can in your enemy's side of the board. You should also prevent your opponent from bearing his or her entire checkers by making him or her expose his armies.

3. Escaping Strategy

This third strategy concentrates more on escaping, your escape from your enemy's side of the board.

Your two checkers are being held captured on your enemy's board. It is in your concern to make your checkers escape as early as you can.

4. Bold Play Strategy

This is a strategy that concerns risking your checkers by exposing them on blots.

This is simply to build your position in an advantageous side or to force your opponent to hit your checkers.

Risk-taking is another strategy that you must learn to use in Backgammon, as we all know this may take you to victory.

In general, you can choose which strategy will work best for your Backgammon game. First, you should analyze your opponent and the moves that he or she made. Identify your opponent's strategy so that you can oppose them. Switching between different strategies is a key to victory.