The Basic Strategies of Backgammon

Your strategy in backgammon is an important element of your backgammon play. Without any strategy, you cannot hope to win in any game of skill and chances, especially backgammon.

Backgammon has three basic strategies that can be employed and integrated to your playing style. If you want to be good in backgammon, then you must understand and use these basic strategies. These strategies can be used depending on the situations on the backgammon board and you can change strategies as the game progresses.

The blockade is an important backgammon strategy to use during the early stages of the game. To make the blockade, you create a wall of as many pieces as possible to block your opponent's pieces located at the 1-point. You can create this wall between your 2-point and your 11-point. Then you move this wall along the board until it reaches the home board.

You can also utilize the blitz to keep your opponent's pieces on the bar and at the same time seal your home board. This means placing your backgammon pieces in such a way that you have two pieces on the bar to prevent your opponent's pieces from moving. If your opponent rolls a two on the dice and moves a piece to your 3-point from your 1-point, and you happen to get a double on the 5-5, you move your backgammon pieces two 6-1s and two 8-3s. Your opponent will now realize that you have sealed your inner board and there is no way he can move his pieces unless he gets extremely lucky!

The backgame is a strategy that should be used only as a last resort. This strategy should only be used if you are in extreme danger of losing and you want to prevent yourself from losing the game altogether. An anchor is a space taken by two or more of your backgammon pieces. The backgame involves placing two or more anchors in your opponent's home board, preferably at your opponent's lower point or at the adjacent points.

Timing is an important factor of the backgame strategy. It would be useless to have two anchors on your opponent's home board and a blockade at your home board when you will not have any pieces to move. As this strategy is a desperate measure, only use this strategy when you are lagging behind in points and when all other strategies prove futile. It would be better to get your backgammon pieces on the bar and hope that the tide will turn in your favor and you have the chance to hit your opponent's pieces.

Now you know the basic strategies of backgammon, it is up to you to use them in your backgammon play. Use these strategies as you see fit and only when the situation calls for it.