Minimizing Backgammon

Do you know anything about Shuji Fukumoto, Stand Alone, Inc. or Neko Software? Some gambling players have the highest respect for them, for they helped them hone their backgammon abilities. How exactly?

Well, Fukumoto, Stand Alone, Inc. and Neko Software were some of the developers who brought backgammon to the Palm Pilot world. They have helped reduce the size of this gambling game from as big as a desktop into the size of one's own hand. This had made it possible for gambling players to sharpen their backgammon skills even more convenient.

Shuji Fukumoto

The Japanese are always considered to be at the forefront of technological advances in history. Consequently, one particular Shuji Fukumoto contributed to shrinking backgammon and putting it into gambling players' Palm Pilots. The name of Fukumoto's creation is PocketGammon, which is quite self-explanatory. This is the regular backgammon which gambling players are so fond of, that they can stash away in their pockets and bring anywhere with them.

Stand Alone, Inc.

Stand Alone, Inc. is famous for producing gambling game software for different media. In the palm pilot, gambling players may enjoy Stand Alone, Inc.'s Power Media Backgammon and Stand Alone Backgammon Pro.

Stand Alone backgammon Pro is cheaper than Power Media Backgammon because of the additional computer characters that gambling players may choose to play with. Power Media Backgammon also allows use of monochromatic or colored view. According to some of the gambling players, playing the monochromatic mode is faster, but the colored mode is more realistic.

However, this does not mean that the Stand Alone Backgammon Pro is nothing compared to Power Media Backgammon. It has unique features that gambling players will find interesting, such as the option of taking a move back. This helps the gambling player explore more possibilities in their backgammon game, and is very important, since backgammon is a situational type of game, like chess.

If the Power Media backgammon boasts of having four computer characters, the Stand Alone Backgammon Pro offers four stages at which a gambling player may play.

Neko Software

The famous Slap Gammon was created by Neko Software. It is popular among gambling players who own Palm Pilots since it follows special rules such as Beavers and Jacoby. This makes the game more realistic and dynamic for the gambling players. Gambling players may also learn more about their strategy by viewing their statistics which is allowed with this software.