Backgammon Tactics

Though backgammon has some similarities with other strategic board games like chess; it has a well-known luck factor that those other games do not. This is in the dice rolls that control movement.

Other approaches have been presented for the game because of the latest computer studies obtained which help analyze good strategies. In order to familiarize oneself to the varying situations following the start of the game players must regularly depend on several conventional common tactics then try to be victorious by joining and substituting between them.

Keeping away to be beaten, caught, or seized in a row is generally the shortest tactic. A tactic of shifting as fast as one can on the board can be an aggressive strategy though usually only used when one is advanced in the game. A player may choose to slow the game, keeping in-charge of a position on his opponent's area of the board if a shifting tactic will not succeed. As the match proceeds, this player will possibly attain a benefit by knocking off an opponent's checker from the board.

He can then construct a barrier of checkers, known as a prime, to defend an amount of successive attacks at some point in the peak of the game. In this way the opponent's checkers are blocked behind his checkers. Unless his checkers are beaten, an opponent is cornered at the back of a six-point checker and can not break out. Using this strategy is a good way of protecting your board and at the same time preventing your opponent from advancing any further into your territory. This is a very commonly used tactic.

A player can suddenly achieve a competitive edge and be triumphant in the game since the opponent has a problem of getting back from the bar and advancing his checkers. Whilst putting up a barrier one can then move two or more checkers in an opponent's board further moving the prime towards home. If a player was formerly behind, this tactic can save a game. Although usage of this as a preliminary tactic is mostly ineffective as there is still a lot of maneuvering to be done and wasting time building a prime too early in the game can cost you.

These and many more tactics need to be mastered if a backgammon player wishes to advance and take the game seriously beyond just having fun. With the use of these tactics you will see your win total increase and find yourself in the running a lot more.