Backgammon history, rules and guide

Backgammon, a game of strategic skills and luck, has entered only recently to the world of casinos in the form of tournaments. Before the last century of the 20th century Backgammon was not considered as a genuine sport, which deserves its own public space. This situation has caused much discomfort among Backgammon players, who were in need of a public organization which will unite them. A need for such organization is understandable but it took time for the eager Backgammon fans to gather the pieces.

In 1991 the Nevada Backgammon Association was assembled for the first time. This association is the largest of its kind in the USA ever since 1991. The Nevada Backgammon Association holds every year many tournaments in Las Vegas such as the International Cup, the Nevada State Championship and many other contests. This organization has managed to gather professional Backgammon players from all over the USA, a very honorable achievement when one considers the total lack of interest from major sporting associations.

The eagerness of the Backgammon is easily understood since it's one of the simplest board games. More over, the gambling nature of it combined with the unique mix of both intelligence and luck, has made it a game worth playing. Unlike Poker or roulette, a Backgammon win can be achieved by knowing the Backgammon odds, the rules and a bit of strategy.

Online backgammon portals are a good stop for the novice Backgammon player. These sites contain highly designed Backgammon versions, making it even easier to play than real wooden or plastic board versions. Also, these online sites have chats, making the Backgammon interactive experience more enjoyable.

BG Tactics

Backgammon although a game of chance because of the dice rolls involved, also has some strategies one must learn to advance in the game. Learning these tactics will take your game to the next level.
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Best BG Strategies

Backgammon is a game that involves a lot of thinking. With the proper strategies and luck you can win the game.
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